“What is the best medicine? To love passionately and forgive easily. That is consciousness-based medicine.”Dr. Rajiv Parti

‘Keep your consciousness clear, be truthful to yourself,
and the universe and the divine will take care of you’.

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“The more we deny our negative tendencies, the more suffering follows. By ignoring the truth about ourselves we create our own Hell. It is necessary to see our dark side, acknowledge it and work with it until it is dissolved through self-love and forgiveness, which leads to true healing.”

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“Healing, as I experienced directly in my NDE, is linked to forgiveness: release from disease. Physical, mental or emotianal healing can only happen when there is internal ease, and that requires the capacity to forgive. Forgiving isn’t the same as forgetting. We don’t want to pretend that things that once hurt us never happened. But we need release them from the past to move into the future.”

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