Blogging has taught me the merits of building true relationships between an audience and content… and that takes time. Lots of time and effort. As fast and simple as it is to publish content with a Blog, success with a Blog as an engine of Marketing is a slow process. 

Really, it’s about reputation. It’s easy to say something. It’s easy to do something. It’s hard to build a real reputation that is based on who you truly are for the world to see. This Blog is as real as it gets. It has been a tool, platform and space for me to demonstrate how I think. I 

It is about trust.If audience loves you Google will also eventually love.As 85% of the ranking is based on what happens”Off your blog”,how many link you get,how people tweet  you,facebook you,you get picked up by social bookmarking sites like stumble,Reddit,Dig etc

It’s easy to do something. It’s hard to build a real reputation that is based on who you truly are for the world to see. This Blog is as real as it gets. It has been a tool, platform and space for me to demonstrate how I think. I 

So my friends build trust,be authentic,bare you real raw soul.I will end with few quotes 

“Be the change you want others to be” Gandhi

“When you do things from your soul,you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

This morning I didn’t feel like blogging as I was feeling low, but I have made a decision to keep the “Flame of Creativity” alive and well, and therefore I need to put oil in my lamp daily. Any suggestions please use my contact form.

We all go through these phases once in a while. For me my pet dog of 12 years died yesterday, I have been away from home for 6 weeks want to be with friends and family.

Since I am in Aruba, I went to the beach and walked, soaking in the bright sun, and I did a self-massage. Lying there inspiration came to me: why don’t I write about ‘Treatment for Blues?’ I went out with my son and had my favourite food, sushi –  with a glass of good wine. I talked with my wife and kids in US. Life started feeling good again slowly. I took a nap and now I feel I am ready to start writing this blog.

I am going to give some practical suggestions but let me say – for serious Blues, you must seek professional medical help:

1. Gratitude, write down things you are grateful for.

2. Call a friend; go out for a lunch, a coffee, with her/him.

3. Go shopping. Ha! ha! Have you ever heard a Doctor prescribing shopping?

4. Go on Facebook and chat or  connect with friends.

5. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts,

6. Have great sex. It is very healing. It gives you glimpse of deep reality. Of Oneness.

7. Go out in bright sun light. Natural sunlight is very healing.

8. Go out in nature, hiking, beach, jogging, walking.

9. Go to the gym. Have a good work out. Moving the body calms the mind.

10. Get a massage, otherwise do a self-massage, it is very calming and relaxing.

11. Read a good book it could be Bible, Gita, a Novel etc

12. Do something to keep you occupied, do your hobbies,

13. Pray

14. Meditate.

15. Yoga.

16. Breathing exercises.

17. Watch funny movies. I like watching funny kid’s cartoons.

18. Expresses you emotions give them a way out, to friend, journal, and blog them.

19. Indulge yourself, with good food, great wine, whatever pleases you

20. Call your lover.

21. Lastly have Hope that this phase will pass too.

About Rajiv Parti MD

I don’t want to sound egoistic but this is needed for the web page and new blog place in making Any way you as reader do want to know about me better. I would like a long term relation with each one of you.

I was born in India, in New Delhi India to a middle class family; my father was Federal officer and my mother a English teacher. Yes they do teach English in India. Growing up I was very close to my mother and sisters, but my father was the typical of his times kind believing in ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’. Which I think is totally absurd

After high school I went medical school. During the same time I was staring to question who are we? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Being born in Hindu family I stated going to different traditions even went to Himalayas. Finally I settled on Vedanta- non-dualistic philosophy. One time I seriously considered becoming a monk. Anyhow I finished medical school. And in 1982 I migrated to US. I did residency in pediatrics. Following that I did another residency in Anesthesiology. the spiritual pursuits had taken a back seat .Fulfillment of American dream became the driving the society respected as more successful by the car one drove ,the house you live etc. During my residency I got married to my beautiful wife.

So I did fulfill my American dream materialistically speaking I had a 10,000 sq. feet house, drove expensive cars etc. But I was not satisfied inside, it was always one goal and after another, after reaching that want next. This was about 4 years ago and again started to seek answers in ancient traditions tried to catch up where I had left of in late teens. Life was very good so I was not ready to answer my calling to propagate the ancient wisdom traditions, about total wellness. But gradually the he dark night of my soul began which I described in detail in a previous short I had surgery which was prostate cancer, and then complications after complications, including sepsis, which necessitated emergency surgery on Christmas day of 2010.Along with this I developed some depression, chronic pelvic pain and dependence on pain medication for pain relief .I could not work so had to sell my huge house So health, job and house which was so dear to me was gone, the sky became pitch dark except for the soothing famine love of moonlight my wife, and kids as stars.

Now I have healed and feel well all over .This healing was enhanced by practice of mediation, Ayurveda. I developed deep interest and expertise in them had seen in my pain practice, patients who had positive attitude and got referred to yoga and meditation did very well. I also started to mediate, took courses in Ayurveda from Chopra center, Dr Lad, Kerala Ayurveda to name few and Mind-Body medicine at Harvard medical school

Now though I can go back to being an anesthesiologist my heart is not in it. I want to spread the message of Hope, Heal and Happiness through harmony of mind-body and spirit.

My friends I speak as a Medical Doctor who also had to experience life as a patient

Now I am happy healing and look forward to future with hope and of helping other achieve message is every one to help find total wellness in body, mind, heart and spirit.


Soul of wellness

Is a book have written to help promote about a harmony and wellness in mind, body, heart and spirit. Each of these is equally important. This leads to total wellness at all levels. The modern science is only now waking up to the idea of influence of mind on body but is still behind on the heart and spirit. Studies prove people who lead spiritual lives and are surrounded by friends and family live longer and heal faster if they were to have a surgery. All this was well known to Ancient Indians in the form of Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. ? There is emerging proof in medical literature, supporting the health benefits of ancient traditions

To make it easy to practice total wellness. I formulated seven laws. 


Ancient wisdom culture

By here I mean the ancient cultures of India/Buddhist. The ancient seers had such profound wisdom that modern science is just catching up to it. The quantum physics concepts are so close to the non-dualistic concepts, all that exists is energy and Shuyn( zero )is the mother of everything. This is Big bang where somehow out of nothing everything came from zero the time space and matter from that Zero ( Shunya),The ancients traditions say we came out of zero and will go back into the black hole into zero and many more universes have come before and will come in future..

From wellness/happiness point of view the ancient traditions  lay emphasis ,to living a life in harmony between body-mind-hear and spirit and living a life in tune, in harmony with nature. This is well enumerated in the three sister traditions meditation, yoga and ayurveda.

Ayurveda is one of the most Wholestic of Holistic medical systems. It truly is wholestic it understands the role spirit, mind and body play in total wellness. They all have to be in harmony and in balance. It very heavily relies on the fact that our body had Inner Intelligence to self-heal,  Ayurvedic practices are just a catalyst. Inner Intuition is the Doctor .Modern medicine has it role but it fails in prevention, or management of chronic disorders. More pills and more pills is not the answer. Did you know that one of the leading causes of death in US is prescription drugs more than all the road accidents. Prescription narcotic abuse is a much bigger problem than illegal narcotic abuse. 30% of population  in advanced countries suffer from depression and anxiety .They find no meaning in life.

In Ayurveda there is lot of emphasis of living in harmony with cycles of nature be it day or seasons etc.,.Also of proper sleep and nutrition. That we are not just feeding the body but we are also feeding our mind and spirit wilth all the sensory input. Proper elimination of Ama (waste products again both physical and mental ) very important.


What is your Interest?

Ayurveda means study of life It lays emphasis living a harmonies life we it body, mind, heart and spirit and with cycles of nature. As a doctor of Indian origin and for my personal health issues I found answers in ancient traditions this, for treatment of reflex sympathetic dystrophy of right arm many years ago I used meditation rather than pain medications. Even when I was in pain management practice we found patients who were referred to yoga as physical therapy and mediation instead of muscle relaxants healed much faster and where less likely to become dependent on pain meds. Even recently in dealing my health issues like after effects multiple surgeries, chronic pelvic pain and some depression these ancient traditions placed amajor role in healing. I took training at Chopra center, Kerala Ayurveda and under Dr Lad


How can I help?

These ancient traditions helps at all levels of existence, from finding and purpose in life to total wellness. I bring my background as a western trained physician and having also studied  ancient traditions. I can help provide solutions which can good from both systems.

And I can provide the reasoning as how these traditions work.

Modern imaging studies are showing the structural difference of meditators vs. non meditators. As a physician I have seen what benefit these adjuncts can bring to a person heal faster and better. And I am also talking form personal health issues. Even the esoteric concepts like Chakra, Kundaline, nadai systems can be very well correlated brain and nervous system center or as projection from different brain center or  from evolutionary lower ,mid and higher brain. Nadis correlate well with the lymphatic system getting rid of waste products(Ama)