Today, I closed my day-trading accounts hopefully this time for good. Above quote by Einstein comes to mind. I have over last 13 years day traded stocks off and on. I started during the 1999-2000 period of internet stock boom/mania. I initially did make a lot of money but then kept loosing it. I would close the account and vow never to trade again but then few months latter will again open a trading account. Promising myself this time I will be very disciplined follow all the rules like never put good money after bad, take my losses early etc. I know all the rules of trading.

But the question is that just knowing something is not enough but to follow it is most important.

Again the same pattern will repeat as if is in my DNA, after initial success again I will loose big. I am not against day trading, I as am sure some can (less than 5%)  do it successfully. More important is to recognize early in life ,after some attempts as .What is in your DNA and what is not.? To know your Dharma, to know  yourself. I am sure a successful artist, a cook, a brain surgeon etc all have different inherent inward nature. They cannot follow others path.

So my friends I just gave a example of one habit of mine. But it can for me and others can be about any negative habit. Worst is drug addiction; probably this day trading will also qualify as an addiction. As by definition addiction is when a person knows a thing/substance/drug will cause harm but still cannot resist doing it.

So always keep in mind this definition of Einstein. As “What insanity is ? Doing same thing again and again but expecting different result each time”

I am going to get it printed and make a poster for my room. Symbolically that I am giving this day-trading habit for good, I took a stock trading book and burnt it in the fire pit repeating the Hindu mantra “Swaha” As if asking the Universe to please burn this tendency and negative habit of mine.

I hope I have learned my lesson.


Yesterday I bought a Toyota Camry a Hybrid version ,which gives up to 44 Miles per gallon. I was reflecting on the fact few years ago I had a Hummer which gave 8 MPG. As how my way of thinking has changed for better and how much I have transformed.This change in my life not only reflects my journey to a more eco friendly life style but also away from rampant materialism.

When gas was touching close to $5 per gallon few years back.I still filled the Hummer because.I could afford and did not care for mileage.BUT that was totally wrong thinking as if one can afford it it does not mean to not care for nature or carbon print impact.One should live a eco friendly life harmony with with world outside .As it is a reflection of your world inside.

Buying the Camary-Hybird also reflects my journey from almost cancerous,rampant materialism.It now not a question of what I can afford but what I need reliable,safe car with good mileage.Our American society is prone to a consumption life style.As if the mantra is consume more and even more.Irrespective if you have to borrow money as a individual or as a nation from China.Constant bombardment on TV on internet make you believe if you are not consuming to your maximum ,then you are not leading  the “American Dream”.Like nation this life style leads to getting hollow from inside.For we don’t know when the whole thing can collapse on itself.

True happiness and joy come from come from  core spiritual grounding or core values.Just chasing will not lead to any where.For the true journey is not going out but  going inside, to your Soul or connecting with your essence, as who you really are.

So my friends please adopt a eco-friend and a life style away from rampant materialism.As from experience I can say it is never enough,if you keep chasing it.But if you believe in Abundance of Universe.It is always enough as a individual and as a society.

I am currently developing a website. For the next three years, I want to develop an experiment on the generosity and abundance of the Universe and called the Karma Experiment. This experiment will provide everything free for download. You will not find any advertisements or online products for sale here. It will be provide for free to anybody, including full books. Hard copies of the book, as well as Kindle version, can be bought at the Amazon cost. The videos, webinars, and podcast will all be free and available for download.

The first 100 hours of coaching are free. The initial 10 workshops will be at the cost of production. The initial 10 speaking engagements will be at what the organizers and/or the audience wishes to donate.

This is in his/her “seva” (service with gratitude) to donate.
I am calling this a Karma Experiment because the purpose is to follow what Gita says, to do your Dharma(duty) and not worry of results. With this, I want to see what the Universe provides versus what I could have made if I was setting a price for everything. I believe that if the Universe has provided you with wealth then you should be generous and share it. As it is like love, which grows exponentially by sharing.It grew out of the practice at Karma Kitchen where meals are free.