I just finished reading Steve Pavlina’s article “200 Things I Love About Writing” located at http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2007/12/200-things-i-love-about-writing/. This contact I manifested within five minutes of putting the intention out to the Akashik Field (see my previous blog on 11/27/11). It is 12.30 a.m. and I am sleepy, but I feel inspired to write the reasons I want to write. Steve recommends that we write about our present job or the one we want to transition into, so I wrote these as they came to me—a total of 108 reasons why I want to write. Afterwards, when I read them, I saw that they went from reasons that were mostly about personal ego satisfaction, to reasons more focused on helping others. The reasons came easy until number 55, but then I had to pause for the reasons to flow again.


    1.  Writing is my Prozac.

    2.  I am helping myself by writing.

    3.  I may help others.

    4.  My wife is happy that I am writing.

    5.  My sisters appreciate the quality of my writings.

    6.  Writing is my calling.

    7.  It gives my life meaning.

    8.  Writing is my Dharma (duty).

    9.  It is my Seva (service with gratitude).

  10.  It could make me famous.

  11.  By writing I can make new friends.

  12.  My books will be wanted.

  13.  I will make my father proud.

  14.  I will make money.

  15.  My children will be proud.

  16.  It is my purpose.

  17.  It is the purpose I was being prepared for.

  18.  My stars say so; I am in the Mercury period now.

  19.  It will make my fellow Desis proud.

  20.  My native country will be proud.

  21.  By writing, I could change somebody’s life.

  22.  I will bring hope to others.

  23.  I will help others heal.

  24.  I will make others happy.

  25.  I may help others deal with cancer.

  26.  I could help people with chronic pain.

  27.  My writings may prevent suicide.

  28.  My writing is message of Hope.

  29.  I may get invited to TV shows.

  30.  I may get to talk to Oprah.

  31.  I may get invited to the White House.

  32.  It will increase the number of my Facebook friends.

  33.  More people will follow me on Twitter.

  34.  My articles could be “Stumbled.”

  35.  I get to write my dark nights.

  36.  I get to follow the quote, “The Path is the Goal.”

  37.  I get to put the Law of Attraction into action.

  38.  I get to write from my intuition.

  39.  It may help others to break their limiting beliefs.

  40.  I get write of Gita’s wisdom of detached actions.

  41.  I get to stretch my personal limits.

  42.  I get to manifest from the Akashik Field (Unified Field).

  43.  I could win a prize.

  44.  My writing could be a movie.

  45.  I may get more joint ventures.

  46.  It will make my editor proud.

  47.  I get to write something of real value to others.

  48.  I get to connect with people on a spiritual level.

  49.  By writing I get to prove that: “Nothing is impossible.”

  50.  I get to write my freedom.

  51.  Writing is my meditation.

  52.  I get to write for generations to come.

  53.  I get to write what I choose.

  54.  I an able to choose when to write.

  55.  My teachers will be proud.

  56.  My written English will improve.

  57.  I get to type in the proper way.

  58.  By writing, I practice new skills.

  59.  By my writing jokes, I can make others laugh.

  60.  Writing helps me connect to my soul.

  61.  It is my finger yoga.

  62.  It is my path to Heaven.

  63.  It is my Nirvana.

  64.  I get to help the poor.

  65.  I get to write about preventing child sex trade.

  66.  I help spread world peace.

  67.  I help prevent fraud.

  68.  By writing I help eradicate racial prejudices.

  69.  I get to express my medical expertise.

  70.  I get to write about Ayurveda.

  71.  I get to write about what cannot be “written.”

  72.  I get to write about Eastern philosophies.

  73.  I get write my dreams.

  74.  I can write my “flow.”

  75.  I get to write about the medical benefits of yoga.

  76.  I get to write about Mantra healing.

  77.  I get to write about the Chakra system.

  78.  Writing makes me fearless.

  79.  By writing I prove “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

  80.  I get to express my thoughts in 21st century media.

  81.  My writings may help people globally .

  82.  My writing may help eradicate the caste system in India.

  83.  By writing, I gain a new profession.

  84.  Writing enables me to learn about other cultures.

  85.  By writing I get to travel a lot.

  86.  I get to write from my heart chakra.

  87.  Writing my shames may help, they are not alone.

  88.  By writing I get to express my authentic self.

  89.  Writing will help me transform.

  90.  I will help others raise their level of consciousness.

  91.  By writing I help give birth to a new humanity.

  92.  Writing helps to ease my pains.

  93.  My writing could help an attitude of care for our Earth.

  94.  My writing can help others with addiction.

  95.  I can help spread spirituality.

  96.  Through writing, I please God.

  97.  I help break religious barriers.

  98.  By writing, I help prevent animal abuse.

  99.  My writing may prevent terrorist attacks.

100.  Writing enables me to help unify people.

101.  By writing, I help the evolution of humans.

102.  Through writing, I keep myself busy.

103.  Writing helps keep my mind healthy and sharp.

104.  By writing, I help spread total wellness.

105.  My writings will help promote the Science of Happiness.

106. To write, to pour my heart out.It is my rising of Kundalini.

107. To write to channel the ancient wisdoms of the East.

108. To write to wisdoms of mystics like Rumi and Osho.


My friends, try this exercise. You may be surprised at what gets expressed. It was great fun, but now it is 2 a.m. and I am going to sleep. Good Night.

I started this blog on 11-11-11 to express my thoughts about issues and problems I see both at a personal level and as a physician. In the last few years I have had to deal with my own personal issues, such as surgery for prostate cancer and then subsequent complications, including sepsis, multiple repeat surgeries, chronic pain, depression, and pain medications. These resulting disabilities cut short my work as a physician, thereby severely limiting my income. I began to lose hope. Many questions bothered me: Why me? What have I done? Why could not life continue as before with a big house and expensive cars as I tried—which is what I used to do—to keep up with the “Joneses.”

While troubles seemed to get worse and worse, the love of my wife was my bright spot and kept me going. Then, not long ago, my reactions to my problems changed dramatically. During a recent trip to Aruba to visit my son, knowing my life could not continue as it had in recent months, I had an epiphany. I realized that all that had happened to me had some deeper meaning, but that I had to give it that meaning. Soon, I developed a mantra:

Hope, Heal, and Happiness.


I realized that first and foremost, I had to follow this mantra myself. I had to be selfish first, and only then could I help others in the same way. So I started to blog in order to improve my life. On the second day of blogging, I got the following from a reader:

“You just helped me tremendously by writing this. I have been wanting to write and building up to it but have had all of the doubts that you mentioned at the beginning of your post and have allowed them to stop me. They are what stops me from doing many things that I want to do, even feel passionately about. I allow my doubts to stop me and then I feel stuck, shut down and uninspired. Thank you so much for sharing your blog and for inspiring me to get going!”

This was a good sign. I started to follow what I was writing about—taking my own advice. As a result, I have been regular in my meditation, walking, and eating healthy and have lost about seven pounds. More important, my mental attitude has shifted, as happiness is, after all, a state of mind to some extent independent of one’s external circumstances.

Blogging has given me a purpose, a passion, a meaning to my life, as I share my struggles so it may help others and of course me. I have not had a single day of depression since starting to blog. Blogging and sharing has replaced my Prozac. Of course, I still sometimes get self-doubts, saying to myself, “What will my friends think?” But I must go on with my passion. As I wrote in a previous blog, the following quotes have become my guides:

“To avoid criticism say, nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” – Aristotle


“The secret of life…is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.” - Paulo Coelho


“To action alone we have the right, but not to the results” – Gita


“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion” – Martha Graham

In the end, my friends, I believe we are co-creators. And I hope I can blog from my heart to provide something of genuine, authentic value that is original and timeless. This is my “Seva.” Please help in this with your suggestions to Rajiv Parti MD on my contact form. If this one day brings money so be it; if not, then also so be it. Money, after all, is notthe product but just a byproduct. The path is the goal.

We all have different relationship with our spiritual side. Some of us, as from our childhood, still continue to believe that our spiritual side is to believe in an “Uncle God.” Why I call this Uncle God is, I guess we all wish for a God up in the sky who is going to take care of us. When I get into trouble all I need to do is ask Uncle God to help me. I remember from my childhood, once when I was 14 yrs old, I was given a ticket because I was driving without a license. But did I get fined or punished or stopped from driving?  NO, not at all; that was because my uncle was high up in police department. My police uncle saved me by pulling some strings.

But now I am 50 years plus. Like me, I know so many other adults are also stuck in their childhood spirituality. We give donations to temple so Uncle God is happy. So now he can protect us from bad luck, or worse, to protect us from not having to face consequences of our doings. Similarly we do rituals without any knowing what they mean, or what their significance is. Worst part of all this is we pay somebody to do it on our behalf. Even if they were useful, when did one ever get cured when somebody else took medicine in one’s place?

To start on the Spiritual Path is to grow up to what I call “Adult Spirituality.” We all have to be responsible for ourselves for our conditions, and finally our spiritual growth. We should take responsibility and meditate. Nobody can do these for us. As the great saint of modern India Swami Vivekananda once said

“He is an atheist who does not believe in himself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is an atheist who does not believe in himself.”